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Ultima Online Calamity!

Darkness, corruption, greed.. Whatever you want to call the force. That incredible force that drives a creature, a fellow man, to kill, mutilate and destroy another persons home, family, nay.. Life. When the great war began, humankind were slow, content, even docile. We thought we were the mighty rulers sitting high upon our thrones looking down at the rest of the world, we thought we our role in this universe was to rule over others, like it was our birthright. The invading armies soon taught us otherwise.. Within days, most of our human dwellings, our beloved cities, were nothing but burning, smoldering rubble strewn with corpses and limbs of the dead. Britain held out the longest, and suffered the consequences for it.

The evacuations were done in panic. Some brave souls fought on the frontline, while the rest of us, the king included fled like cowards. Humanity has those brave heros to thank for the air we breath. But also, for a chance to redeem ourselves, do better... A possibility to exact revenge on those that stole our life from us.

Since the world has come close to the brink of extinction, humankind has been forced to retreat to the final stand; Serpent’s Hold! From there, we fight the battle to reclaim our lands and avenge our loved ones.

Experience a fun and challenging take on the classic game Ultima online!

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