Taming and Tameables

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Taming crafts

In order to craft taming items, you first need to obtain the tool. For this purpose that tool is the Brush, which can be purchased from any Animal Trainer in the game.

Skills used when crafting items with the Brush, is Animal taming and Animal Lore.

Besides regular reagents such as Garlic, Spiders Silk, Ginseng and empy Bottles, different pet potions also requires another reagent which is harder to obtain. These special reagents are:

Spring water Petrafied Wood Destroying Angel Kp Cookie
Obtained from: Obtained from: Obtained from: Obtained from:
Water Elementals Minotaurs Wisp and Dark Wisp World drop

Using the Brush, players can craft the following items for their pets:

  • Shrink potion
  • Resurrection potion
  • Cure Potion and Greater Cure Potion
  • Heal Potion and Greater Heal Potion
  • 6 Normal pet dyes