Pentagram Event

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The Pentagram Event

This event is open world pvp event. There are 3 pentagrams in the world which gives players the opportunity to conquer them. In order to conquer one of the pentagrams, you first have to make sure it's active, this is easily done by judging the color of the pentagram. When it's active, it has a black color. Whenever a player step into the middle of an active pentagram, the player immedietly start conquering it. This will broadcast a message to the entire shard that you a player is trying to complete a pentagram event. This broadcast includes both the name of the player trying to conquer the pentagram as well as the location.

The players task is then to remain standing in the same spot for 4 minutes. Step off the pentagram and the progress will be reset, but remain standing for 4 minutes and you'll be given a reward.


Example of an active pentagram event.

Whenever a player succeds in completing the pentagram, that pentagram wont be active again for another 6 hours.


Example of an inactive pentagram event.

Note! This is a player versus player event. Bringing pets near an active pentagram event will automaticly kill them. This does not include tamed mounts, unless you unmount them.