Champion Spawns

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There are 6 classical champ spawns currently in the world. None of the champion spawns ever start automaticly, they have to be started manually by players paying a fee by double clicking the altar skull.


Hint! Don't start the spawn until you're ready to run it. If progress isn't made, then the champion spawn reverts the skulls backwards until it completely resets.

Each individual champion spawn has a timer that starts once the spawn is finished. If enough time has passed, any player with enough gold can start it again.

Type and location

Type: Boss: Location:
Vermin Horde Barracoon Despise level 3
Unholy Terror Neira Deceit level 3
Cold Blood Rikktor Destard level 1
Abyss Semidar Fire dungeon level 1
Arachnid Mephitis Terathan Keep
Forest Lord Lord Oaks T2A

Make sure to kill the boss close to the altar to get the chance for a rare drop with the kill! This drop is placed directly into your backpack.