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Magical weapons or armor is no longer dropping from either treasuremaps, monsters drops or anywhere else. Instead players have the ability to enchant allready existing weapons or armor. This is achieved by either buying weapons or armor from a crafter, or crafting them yourself and then enchanting them.

Reagents and items

Visit the enchanter just north of the bank in Serpent's hold to purchase the required crafting tool (Enchantment tool) and the vellum required to created enchants.

In order to create an enchantment scroll, you need several items. The base is the vellum, upon where you create the enchantment. The enchanter in Serpent's hold that sells the Enchantment tool also sells these vellums.

Every enchantment also requires additional two items, one is always a gem obtained from mining. These are; Blue Diamond, Dark Saphire, Ecru Citrine, Turquoise and Fire Ruby. And the other category is obtained from killing bosses and other high-end creatures. They are: Blight, Scourge, Taint, Muculent and Corruption.

All different kinds of enchantments also require Blood of the Dark Father.


Skills to enchant

The needed skill to craft enchantments upon vellums are based on Magery. There is no skill required to apply an enchantment scroll on a piece of weapon or armor, meaning a player can either buy enchantments or sell them and make a profit.