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Player Government system

A city has all the basic functions of a guild, with several additions in to the playing experience. In order to start a city, a player must first locate the housing district in Serpent's Hold. In this area there are vendors selling all kinds of city halls, buildings, addons and other items.

City disctrict:


Founding a city

To start a city, the player has to buy a city hall. These are sold by Bridget and cost 750.000 gold. This is the foundation for your new city. Once you got a city hall deed, it's time to locate a good place for your new city. Tip: study the new world map for locations (here), either if you want a spot where only the city hall can fit, or a location where your city can grow both with your citizens houses and addons. Several locations has been cleared up in order to facilitate more areas without obstacles.

To place the city hall, you must find a flat surface without obstacles atleast 200 tiles from another city or player city.

Once the city is placed, the mayor (founder) has 60 minutes to invite players and fill upp the treasury. An hour after initial placement, the city goes through it's first "City update", after this first update, these occur with a 7 day intervall from when the city was originally placed. When a city goes through an update, money is withdrawn from the treasury, but can also progress to a higher level. The level of the city is depending on how many citizens are in the city. The level of the city also determines: Title of the city, Size in tiles and what kinds of add-ons buildings can be placed inside the city.

Level: # of players: Title: Size (tiles):
1 1 Outpost 50x50
2 7 Village 76x76
3 14 Township 100x100
4 21 City 150x150
5 28 Metropolis 200x200
6 35 Empire 300x300

All citizens have access to the city menu, this is done be either double clicking the city-stone (initally placed inside city hall) or through the "Guild" button in your player paperdoll. However what you can see in the menu varies depening on the role you play in a city. There are 4 different roles: Mayor, Assisting mayor, General and Citizen. For example, a citizen can sponsor another player to join the city, but it's up to the mayor or assisting mayor to approve their citizenship. All citizens can deposit gold into the treasury, but only the mayor can actually withdraw gold from it.

Addons and boons of a city

Inside the city region, a mayor can place all kinds of normal add-ons (that a player can normally place inside a houe), but also several other buildings that provides citizens with some extra luxury. These buildings functions the same as they do in npc populated cities.

Type: City level:
Bank 2
Healer 2
Stable 2
Moongate 3
Tavern 6
Inn 6

City npcs. The mayor has the option to also buy an npc scroll. Using this inside the city will give the mayor the option to place a vendor in the city from the menu.


The mayor can choose to activate city 3 different kinds of city boons. These cost 50k (withdrawn from the treasury the coming cityupdate) and last until the next city update. This means that activating a boon costs 50k even if you activate it one day before the next city update or if you activate it seconds after a city update.

Roles in the city

Mayor. The mayor is the primary leader of the city and can thus use all items or commands that the other roles also can. The mayor is also in charge of appointing the other roles: General and Assisting Mayor.

Assisting mayor, has the function of accepting players into full citizenship that has been sponsored by another citizen.

The general can place guards and healers inside the city. These are purchased in the housing district in Serpent's Hold. Guards, healers and npcs all wander around the city unless the mayor tells them to stop with the freeze command. Boons in the city.

Name: Function:
Plenty of resources Recieve extra resources when farming
Extra skillgains More frequent skillgains for all citizens
Hunters choice Citizens recieve bonus gold when hunting

Commands in the city.

Command: Role: Function:
[CityMove Mayor Moves an addon or npc
[CityFreeze Mayor Freezes a city npc


Any player can elect themselves mayor. A voting period is then begun that lasts 14 days. During these 14 days, any and all citizens has the choice to vote for the person they believe should be next mayor. This menu is accessed from the voting stone that is always initially placed inside the city hall.

Treasury and taxes

The mayors gets to dictate which taxes are used and how much each tax is set to.

Income Tax. Is the percentage from sales that citizens make with player-vendors in the city.

Property Tax. Taxes paid from having houses inside the city region.

Travel Tax. When a city places a moongate, the possibility of travelling to the city through a public moongate occurs. The travel tax is the gold it costs to use the city moongate (to or from).

Peace and war

The heart of every city, is the city hall. If a rivaling city destroy your stable building, the stone that allows your players to stable and claim their pets will be removed. But if the city hall is destroyed, the city is disbanded, and the entire treasury is placed in a golden rain on the ground.

In the housing district, Julius the war vendor sells canon, siege rams and catapults as well as ammunition. Forge alliances and wage war to your hearts content.

Hint: Placing a War monger and activating the "War monger" feature (mayor), this allows players in your city to buy ammunition and other war equipment and having the cost withdrawn directly from the city treasury.