Server Commands

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Below is are the currently available commands that players can use.

Player commands
[MyPlayerGuide Brings a gump with information regarding your character and available commands
[AddToParty Extend an invitation to you your party
[BondInfo Display how that current bonding situation is going
[Donate Donate items from your backpack to the donation chest in Serpent's hold
[Look Used to emote that your character looks at things
[Citymove Used by mayors and assisting mayors to move addons inside the city region
[Password Change your accounts password ([password newpass newpass)
[Time Displays the current time on the server
[Emote Emote
[Feats Brings up the achievement menu
[Throne Brings up the throne-event menu
[Pet Target your evo to access the evolution pets stats
[Pvmstat View statistics regarding the current Great Hunt!
[Wiki Launches a web browser to the Calamity wiki page