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In Ultima Online your characters Stats determine how she is able to use the different skills. Each character has 225 Points to distribute over the three stats: Strength, Intelligence, and Dexterity.

A character gaining prowess in melee skills will want to focus on their Dexterity as Stamina determines how fast a weapon is swung. While a Mage will invest in intelligence as they are allowed only to cast spells when they have an appropriate amount of mana. All characters must distribute in Strength as it determines a character's hit points.

Each players statcap is set to 225, which can be increased to a max of 250. Furthermore, each individual stat (strength, intelligence and dexterity) is capped at 100. This can be altered with stat increase scrolls dropped by the Harrower.

Adjusting Stats

You may sometimes want to shift around your stats. While building your character, this is simple enough. You can just open your Status and toggle the arrows as required. Each of the skills in the game has a primary and secondary stat that it can alter. The primary stat will increase 75% of the time, the secondary stat 25% of the time. The following is a breakdown of the primary / secondary stat affected by skills:

  • Dexterity / Intelligence: Musicianship, Begging, Camping, Remove Trap, Snooping, Stealing, Stealth, Tailoring, Tinkering, Hiding, Lockpicking
  • Dexterity / Strength: Archery, Bowcraft/Fletching, Parrying, Fencing, Fishing
  • Intelligence / Dexterity: Alchemy, Peacemaking, Poisoning, Provocation, Cartography, Cooking, Detect Hidden, Discordance, Forensic Evaluation, Healing, Herding, Inscription, Tracking, Item Identification, Veterinary
  • Intelligence / Strength: Anatomy, Animal Lore, Magery, Meditation, Arms Lore, Spirit Speak, Evaluate Intelligence, Taste Identification
  • Strength / Dexterity: Lumberjacking, Mace Fighting, Mining, Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Resisting Spells, Swordsmanship, Tactics, Wrestling
  • Strength / Intelligence: Animal Taming

You do not necessarily have to gain in a particular skill to raise a stat. This is useful if you have already reached your skill cap and do not want to drop any skills to allow the stat adjustment to take place. To achieve this, simply ensure that the skill you want to use has the status arrow pointed up and then use the skill. For example, if you already have 700 skill points but you want to raise your Dexterity, you can point the status arrow for Musicianship upwards and play an instrument to raise your dexterity.

Armor- and weapon attributes

Following are attributes that can be applied to armors or weapons:

Weapon Attributes

Hit Magic Arrow Hit Harm Hit Fireball Hit Lightning
Hit Physical Area Hit Fire Area Hit Cold Area Hit Poison Area
Hit Energy Area Durability Bonus Self Repair

Equip Attributes

Bonus Strength Bonus Dexterity Bonus Intelligence Bonus Hits Bonus Stamina
Bonus Mana Lower Mana Cost Durability Bonus Mage Armor Self Repair
Regenerate Hits Regenerate Mana Regenerate Stamina
Cap: 18 Cap: 30 Cap: 24
Swing Speed Increase Spell Damage Weapon Damage
Cap: 60% Cap: 100% Cap: 100%