Monster Bulk Orders

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Monster Bulk Orders

There are two types of monster bods available on Calamity.

Similar for both kind of bod is that you can only recieve a set amount of bods per day, and when completed the player is rewarded gold and possibly an extra reward in the shape of a rare item.

Both kinds of bods can be placed inside of a BulkOrderBook for the sole purpose of holding these bods. There is one kind of bod for the Large and one for the Small. Both can be purchased from the Bronze Coin vendor located at Serpent's Hold bank.


Monster Bods (Large)

The large monster bulkorder normally require a greater amount of kills to be filled, and is generated with the hunted monster being more difficult. These bulk order deeds are given by Hogbart, who sits on a bench near Serpent's Hold bank.

The large one:


Besides being rewarded money, the player also has a chance of being rewarded from the following table of rares when completing an order.

Item Bod giver:
Sacrificial Altar Hogbart
Bed Of Nails Hogbart
Haunted Mirror Hogbart
Disturbing Portrait Hogbart
Unsettling Portrait Hogbart
Creepy Portrait Hogbart
TreasureHunterKeys Hogbart

Monster Bods (Small)

These smaller monster bods are given by Ywonne, who lingers close to Serpent's Hold bank.


The small bods are for fewer kills and with easier prey. The gold is reflected in the reward.

Item Bod giver:
BookOfTruthArtifact Ywonne
MountedPixieBlueDeed Ywonne
MountedPixieGreenDeed Ywonne
MountedPixieLimeDeed Ywonne
MountedPixieOrangeDeed Ywonne
MountedPixieWhiteDeed Ywonne
Bleach Ywonne