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Evolution pets(evos), are obtained by occurring certain items as drops, for some evos it is an egg while for some a crystal.

All possible evolution pets have a certain monster in the world that has a chance of dropping that certain egg or crystal.
An evolution pet requires 4 control slots, so make sure you have 4 slots available when hatching the egg/crystal by double clicking it.

  • Training your evo
The evolution pet is automatically bonded to the player when it is hatched
- Note: This is not the case when a player transfers an evo to you.
- In that case you either must bond it the regular way with the stable or using a pet bonding deed.
When the pet is hatched it starts with 0 experience points.
The pet then gains more experience points by fighting other creatures.
The evo goes through several stages, where the last stage is 7. For each new level the pet makes, it gains some ability points. These ability points can be spent on enhancing the pet by accessing the pet menu.
The evo reaches stage 7 when it has 15 million experience points.
To access the pets menu, use the command [pet and target the pet or by single clicking the pet and choosing "pet menu". It will then
open a menu where the pets sex, experience points and ability points is displayed.
  • Breeding your evo
There are 7 different kinds of evolution pets that are able to breed. In order to breed,
the pet has to be mature, which it becomes at stage 7 (15mil experience). When accessing
the pet menu you can see the sex of your evo. If you have a mature female in your
possession, you can through the pet menu choose to mate the pet. Using the mate
button you will be prompted to target a male (note that it has to be a mature male of
the same kind of evolution pet). As long as the mating is successful (the owner of the
male agrees to the union), the female will become pregnant. The pregnancy lasts for
21, during which the female is unable to partake in battle.
When the pregnancy has gone full term, a button will appear in the pet menu, that will
let you claim the egg.


The evolution pets on UO Calamity are divided into 3 categories.
  • Breedable evos
- Can mate with other evos of the same kind.
  • Dragon
  • Guar
  • Spider
  • Werewolf
  • Hiryu
  • Steed
  • Reptalon
  • Rideable evos
- Rideable when they reach stage 7.
  • Hiryu
  • Steed
  • Reptalon
  • Lootable evos
- Obtainable from looting the monster that drops them.
  • Daemon
  • Orc
  • Ethereal warrior

Evolution Stage
Level  Experience
2 25,000exp
3 75,000exp
4 175,000exp
5 3,750,000exp
6 7,750,000exp
7 15,000,000exp