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It is possible to make any weapon or armor (crafted or obtained) into a levelable weapon.

To make a piece of equipment levelable the player first must obtain a Level item manual. These can be obtained from the bronze or donation vendor, but also from rewardchecks that drop from all monsters in the world. When applying the manual to a piece of equipment, it is given the additional paramters "Level" and "Experience" in the hover over menu. By singleclicking the piece you can access the items individual leveling menu. Here the player can view the level, maxlevel, experience and experience to next level.

Once a piece of equipment has become levelable, it has a max roof of 125 levels. This can however be raised to 150 with a +25 deed.

Even though there is no insurance system on Calamity, there is still the possibility of blessing items that has been transform with a levelable manual.

Level item manual Level item bless deed Level item +25 deed

With each level that the armor or weapon gains, the item gains 2 spending points which the player can spend on new stats for the item. What kind of stats is possible to spend on what item varies depening on the item. As well as how much it costs to apply a stat to the item.