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New player guide (Under Construction)

New players will find themselves surrounded in safety by the walls of Serpents Hold. Within its confines, strangers to this world will quickly find in close proximity a bank, blacksmith and alchemist.
Within the bank you may find the following addtional vendors;

  • Bronze Coin Vendor
  • Gold Coin Vendor
  • White Pearl Vendor
  • Donation Vendor


All players, regardless of age has a res kill protection. This means that the first 30 seconds after ressurecting, you can't be harmed.

Stat and Skill Ball

A new player to this world will find in their possession a skill and stat ball. Use these to create a more skilled adventurer before setting out in the world.
The first character on each account gets the same skill and stat ball, however remaining characters on an account does not.

Getting Around The World

The moongate in Serpents Hold is to the West, a short walk just beyond the gates, but be warned the journey ahead is not for the weak. The main land of Brittania is filled with denizens and an evil malice that has corrupted the land, to venture forth unprepared into the unknown is a fools errand. Make sure you are somewhat seasoned before venturing into any of the cities of Brittania...

Serpents Hold Moongate

Additional Moongates

Above the bank of Serpents Hold lays moongates of varied hue, take advantage of these when travelling. They may save you a long walk and weary legs.