Bronze Coins

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Bronze coins is a currency that you can recieve as a reward both from the pentagram event, paragon chests or treasure hunting.

Item: Description:
Evolution Dust (20.000 dust) Feed the dust to an evolution pet (1 dust = 5 kp).
PowerScroll Book Manage all those powerscrolls in this functional book.
Hunter Bod Book Two kinds, both for large bods and small.
Commodity Deed Box Turn greater amounts of materials into Commodity deeds.
SeedBox Sort your seeds in the all-in one box.
Cellar Deed Expand your house, downwards. Add a cellar to it.
HouseLadder Deed Install a ladder in your house
Name Change Deed Change the characters name.
Gender Change Deed Change the characters gender.
Cloth Bless Deed Bless a piece of clothing
Pet Bonding Deed Instantly bond a tamed pet
Ball Of Summoning Bond a pet to the ball, so you in the future can pull the pet to you across distances.
Powder Of Translocation *10 Charges for the Ball of Summoning
Lower Reagent Cost Talisman 100% LRC (blessed)
Captains Hat +2 armor
Reinforced HalfApron +3 Strength and Dexterity
Belt Of Dead Kings +3 Strength and Intelligence
Runebook Dyetub Dyes runebooks and bulk order books.
Bank Crystal Single use crystal. Access your bank everywhere.
Flashnade Pull a classic counter-strike move and "accidentily" flash your friends and family during worst possible moment.
Armor Dyetub Dyes armors (10 charges).
Level item manual Apply the manual to a weapon or armor (max 125 levels), making it possible to level and adjust it's abilities.
Level item bless deed Bless a weapon or armor (must be levelable).
Level up +25 deed Apply to an already levelable weapon or armor and increase the max level from 125 to 150 (max 150).
One handed weapon deed Make a two handed weapon into a one handed weapon.
Self repair +5 deed Make a armor or weapon repair itself
Mailbox (south and east) Place a mailbox addon in your house.
Raised garden (south and east) Functions as a big bowl for seeds.
Raised garden (large) Functions as a big bowl for seeds.
Relayer deed Change the apperance and layer of an item (for example, transform a katana into a gorget).
Magicians Armor Blessed medable armor (Cap, Chest, Legs, Sleeves, Gloves and Gorget)