The calamity strikes

All of the prophencies told us it was going to happend. But we didn’t believe it. In our pride and our belief that nothing, no one could topple the kingdom that our ancestors spent their life, blood and flesh building..

Oh, how foolish we were..

Once the armies of darkness start pouring out from the corners of the world, we were quickly overrun. Minoc, Vesper, Yew and Cove fell within hours, even before the king and our generals realized there was a threat.

Before long, only two cities still stood. When the dragons was let loose in Britain, it was only a matter of time before the city would fall.


Now, in the twilight hour of humanity. Everyone that is left still standing, still breathing, has fled to the fortified island city of Serpent’s hold. The mages have arrange with a permanent gateway to Delucia, where the farmers and craftsmen still prepare food and equipment for those brave few who still wage war in the name of all that is light and true. A last attempt to drive back the forces that try to erradicate humankind.

Enjoy a brand new take on the classical game

Explore a world, once so vibrant and flourishing. Now torn a sunder by countless wars