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Monster drop items

Item Dropped by mob:
LongCandle - ShortCandle - SkullCandle Cyclops(Archer/Mage/Lord)
WindChimes FrostOrcBomber
GlacialStaff FrostOrcCaptain
TowerLantern FrostOrcishLord
RedHanging Lantern FrostOrcishMage
WhiteHanging Lantern FrostOrcScout
BambooScreen + ShojiScreen BathingLizardman
Teapot (north & south) DrunkenLizardman
LizardmanSlayerSpellbook EliteLizardman
PolarBearRug pieces ArcticBearHunter
BearRug pieces BearHunter
DragonSlayerSpellbook BroodingWyrm
SilverSlayerSpellbook AncientLich
ElementalBanSpellbook DiseasedBloodElemental
OrcSlayerSpellbook OrcBrute/FrostOrcBrute
DemonSkull Ice Fiend
BalronSlayerSpellbook Balron
ArachnidSlayerSpellbook VenomousSpittingSpider
Brush (east & south) Jukka Lord/Mage/Warrior
ArcheryButteDeed WhiteWyrm
BrokenBookcaseDeed ShadowWyrm
BrokenChestOfDrawersDeed AncientWyrm
BrokenCoveredChairDeed DarknightCreeper
BrokenFallenChairDeed Impaler
StandingBrokenChairDeed Fleshrenderrer
ShowerEastAddonDeed ShadowKnight
ShowerSouthAddonDeed DogBeast
AlchemistTableEastAddonDeed SmolderingDragon
AlchemistTableSouthAddonDeed MinotaurChampion
SmallBrush East Minotaur
SmallBrush South MinotaurScout
BlessedStatue GreaterDragon
ThrowPillow Minotaur General
OrigamiPaper AbyssmalHorror
FancyWindChimes MinotaurCaptain
SmallCaseAddonDeed Titan
BloodySpoon + HalfEatenSupper - RustedPan CookieMonster
ExorcismSlayerSpellbook Shadow balron
MedCaseEastAddonDeed Arctic Ogre Lord
MedCaseSouthAddonDeed Plauge beast
Bridle East Elder gazer
Bridle South Gazer larva
Slayer deed (random) Crazed Bear/Corruped Elemental/Infected Wyrm
MagicalEarrings (1-5 skillbonus Archery/Fencing/Macing/Swords/Wrestling) All DoomGauntletBosses
MagicalRing (1-5 skillbonus Anatomy/Tactics/Parry) All DoomGauntletBosses
MagicalBracelet (1-5 skillbonus Carpentry/Smith/Fletch/Tailor/Tinker) All DoomGauntletBosses

Quest items

Item From Quest:
Glasses Of Awesomeness An omelette a day keeps.. the worms at bay
Bone table I will have his damned heart!
Tyballs Flaskstand Jigzaw puzzle was never my strong suit..
Curtains Deed Need some of that...
A jar with a dead animal You... Want me to kill them?
Large Grandfather Clock So where did you put it?
Mysterious Supper Mysterious Supper artifact
Bone Couch Avenge my children!
Taming Robe (1-5 skillbonus Animal Taming) Venturing inside the bubble
Animal Lore Cloak (1-5 skillbonus Animal Lore) Kill that gnattering bastard!

Treasure chest items

All of the following items can be procured from treasure hunting.

CandelabraOfSouls GoldBricks PhillipsWoodenSteed
ArcticDeathDealer BlazeOfDeath BurglarsBandana
CavortingClub DreadPirateHat EnchantedTitanLegBone
GwennosHarp IolosLute LunaLance
NightsKiss NoxRangersHeavyCrossbow PolarBearMask
VioletsCourage HeartOfTheLion ColdBlood
AlchemistsBauble CaptainQuacklebushsCutlass ForgedPardon
ShieldOfInvulnerability AncientShipModelOfTheHMSCape AdmiralHeartyRum
ForgedPardon ManaphasingOrb RunedSashOfWarding
SurgeShield CoffinPiece MasterSkeletonKey

Decaying items

Stealable items