Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

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List of frequently asked questions:

  • Question: What is the skillcap?
  • Anserw: 800

  • Question: What is the statcap?
  • Anserw: 225

  • Question: How many accounts can I have when playing?
  • Anserw: 3 accounts per ip (Technically 3 accounts per person, so if you're more than 1 player per ip, contact staff)

  • Question: How many houses per account?
  • Anserw: Default is 1 (possible to purchase a bonus houseslot with a maximum of 3 per account)

  • Question: Why did I start in Serpent's hold and not Britain?
  • Anserw: Britain along with several other cities has been overrun by the enemy. Don't venture into classical cities unless you're ready to fight.

  • Question: I want to start a guild, but can't find how to start one?
  • Anserw: Players can start cities, which function as a guild (with several additional features).