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Downloading the game

Download the UO Calamity launcher - here

Once you've downloaded the exe file, execute the program and you'll be faced with this window.


Use the button on the bottom right. Locate where you want the launcher to install the game - then hit Ok!

A list containing every file that the launcher will install is displayed. Hit "apply patch in the bottom right corner. All files will now be transfered.


When the launcher is complete, a button in will be displayed in the center of the image "Play". Press the button and the client will launch.

Host Address: and the Port is 2593

Auto updating

The UO Calamity Launcher has an auto update feature. This means that even if you decide not to use the launcher to play to game, you should still run the launcher occasionally to be sure you have the recently updated files.

When the game has recieved updated game files, a list will be displayed and you are asked you to patch the displayed files. This looks similar to the list when the player first ran the launcher, but with fewer files to transfer.


Known Errors.

  1. Graphical Elements Not Appearing.
    • Recheck that the Client Options and Ulima Online fields are correctly targeting the UOCalamity 22-02-03 client.exe and folder respectively.