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This server is the vision of a place to play on after 20 years of jumping from free-shard to free-shard, taking the best aspects or ideas from each gaming experience in the mmorpg genre. However the server is solely developed as a hobby in what spare time exists. All kinds of donations are therefore welcome, as it will help developing the server, in forms of external scripting, graphics developing or website building.

If you wish to contribute to the development and growth of the server. Feel free to donate at this link:

Donation Page

As a thank you for donating, you will receive Donation coins in return. The exchange rate is as follows.

Exchange Rate

$10 usd = 1000 Donation coins
$50 usd = 6000 Donation coins
$100 usd = 13,000 Donation coins
$150 usd = 21,000 Donation coins
$200 usd = 30,000 Donation coins

When donating, leave a comment which account you wish to receive the donation coins. The coins will be placed in your characters bankbox within 24 hours (often no more than a couple of hours).

Donations are voluntary and non refundable. All donations will be invested back into the shard.

Functional Vendor (In Game)

Item: Description:
Sprinkler (Water) Lock down and fill the sprinkler in your house. It will save you time when tending your plants, since the sprinkler applies it's fluid to the plants in need (Example, if you have 20 plants in need of water, using the sprinkler will apply water to all in one click).
Sprinkler (Cure)
Sprinkler (Poison)
Sprinkler (Strength)
Sprinkler (Heal)
WaterTub Required to fill the water sprinkler with water.
SeedBox Sort your seeds in the all-in one box.
Cloth Bless Deed Bless a piece of clothing
Item Bless Deed
Pet Bonding Deed Instantly bond a tamed pet
HouseTeleporter Lock the teleporter down in your house and mark it by double clicking the teleporter. You can then move the teleporter elsewhere and when locked down, instantly teleport to the marked location (works inside city region as well)
Ball Of Summoning Bond a pet to the ball, so you in the future can pull the pet to you across distances.
Powder Of Translocation *10 Charges for the Ball of Summoning
Lower Reagent Cost Talisman 100% LRC (blessed)
Quiver Of Infinity Infinite quiver of projectiles (keep 1 in the quiver at all time) Blessed.
Captains Hat +2 armor
Reinforced HalfApron +3 Strength and Dexterity
Belt Of Dead Kings +3 Strength and Intelligence
Evoultion Pet DyeTub 1-use dyetub. Locate the hye room on the roofs above Serps bank and find a desired Hue. Then doubleclick the dyetub and enter the hue number, the tub should now change color. The next time the dyetub is used, target the evolution pet
Ethereal Mount Dyetub 1-use dyetub. Dye your Ethereal mount (works like the evo petdyetub, enter the desired hue and use again)
Armor Dyetub Dyes armors (10 charges).
Runebook Dyetub Dyes runebooks and bulk order books.
HouseSlot Deed Increase the allowed amount of houses per account (default 1, max 3)
Bank Crystal Single use crystal. Access your bank everywhere.
Flashnade Pull a classic counter-strike move and "accidentily" flash your friends and family during worst possible moment.
ArtsGlasses +5 Strength and Intelligence and +15 hits.
Treasure Trinket Glasses +10 Intelligence and +5 hits.
Unicorn Mane Woven Sandals Damn fancy sandals...
Amulet of The Cyclops Transform into a cyclops (multi use)
Amulet of The Orc Transform into an orc (multi use)
Amulet of The OrcLord Transform into an orc lord (multi use)
Basket of Herbs Cooking buff
Pet Slot Deed Increase your characters maxfollower (default 5, max 7)
Hood Robe Robe which has the ability toggle the hood on or off.
Spiders Hide Transform into a gigantic spider.
Magicians Armor Blessed medable armor (Cap, Chest, Legs, Sleeves, Gloves and Gorget)
Level item manual Apply the manual to a weapon or armor (max 125 levels), making it possible to level and adjust it's abilities.
Level item bless deed Bless a weapon or armor (must be levelable).
Level up +25 deed Apply to an already levelable weapon or armor and increase the max level from 125 to 150 (max 150).
One handed weapon deed Make a two handed weapon into a one handed weapon.
Self repair +5 deed Make a armor or weapon repair itself
Mailbox (south and east) Place a mailbox addon in your house.
Raised garden (south and east) Functions as a big bowl for seeds.
Raised garden (large) Functions as a big bowl for seeds.
Skillball 8x gm Set 8 skills to 100
Statball Place 225 statpoints on desired stats.
Relayer deed Change the apperance and layer of an item (for example, transform a katana into a gorget).

Ethereal Mount Vendor

Hiryu Cu Sidhe Horse
Charger of the Fallen Ki Rin Llama
Beetle Reptalon Ridgeback
Swamp Dragon Unicorn Long-Maned Horse
Forest Ostard Frenzied Ostard Desert Ostard
Hell Steed

Decorative Vendor

Round Door Mat Hitching Post Gothic Chest
Dragon Brazier Pet Parrot Perch Deed Aquarium Deed
Ritual Table Deed Bloody Table Deed Bloody Pentagram Deed